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3 Ways To Create A Professional Logo Without Going Bankrupt

Are you bootstrapping a business and you need a logo? Instead of paying hundreds or thousands of dollars to hire a designer to do that for you, here are 3 possible ways to get yourself a professional logo design within your budget.

Option 1 — Find yourself some nice references and ask a friend to design for you

Money: $$$
Time: Slow

Yeah obviously it is not the best option, as not everyone of us has a friend who can take minimum pay to design a logo for you. But if you do, please find logo references before asking so that your designer friend would have a more peaceful mind.

But where to find logo inspiration?

Pinterest.com — A website where you can find the best logo inspiration and save them.


Now you should do the followings:

  • Create a Pinterest account (if you don’t have it)
  • Create a board on Pinterest to save the logos that you like
  • Search with keywords like “logo design” or “logo inspiration” and Pinterest will guide you through
  • Pin the logo design to your board
  • Share the board that is full of logo designs to your designer friend so that he/she will understand your preference and needs

Option 2 — Purchase pre-made logo design from creative stocks

Money: $
Time: Faster


There are a lot of premade logo design packages available on online design markets such as creativemarket.com. Worldwide designers sell their premade packages up there and you can always pick some nice designs out of your need.

Pros: Faster than Option 1. What you see is what you get. A lot of options to choose from.

Cons: You’ll need Photoshop or Illustrator to edit for your own need.

Option 3 — DIY with an online logo maker

Money: $$
Time: Fastest


Other than the above options, using an online logo maker is also a wise choice for founders. Just remember to check the service’s output file format. It would be nice to have high resolution PNG and JPG, better with SVG (it’s vector so that it can scale as large as possible without seeing any blurred pixels). Logomaster.ai is one of the best logo makers available. The website is easy to use and the results are stunning.


Option 4 - Create your own logo from tutorial

Money: $
Time: Slow

There are many free online tutorials on the internet made by bloggers, such as blog-insideout.com. From there, many graphic designers share their tips and tutorials to create your own logo.

Advantages: You create everything from A to Z, so you master all the aspects of the creation of your logo. So there is no surprises and a total freedom of creation.

Disadvantages: You will need Photoshop and Illustrator to create your logo. And it takes time to master these two softwares.

Create your own logo now

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