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Best Logo Design Examples from Dutch Companies

Explore our collection of inspiring logo examples from top Dutch companies across a variety of industries. From sleek and modern designs to classic and timeless logos, our selection showcases the best of Dutch design and innovation. Get inspired and discover the principles of effective logo design with our tips and resources for creating a memorable and impactful logo for your own business.
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Disclaimer: Logomaster.ai is not affiliated with any of the companies whose logos are featured in this session. The logos are used for educational and inspirational purposes only. All trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.


The latest Heineken logo is a masterful blend of traditional and modern design elements that reflects the brand's longstanding reputation and commitment to innovation, making it a prime example of effective logo design.

Heineken logo


The current Philips logo features the iconic shield, now in blue, with a white sphere containing the signature wavy lines and stars, while the bold, uppercase logotype in a strong sans-serif typeface represents the company's modern, confident image.

Philips logo

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

The latest KLM logo maintains the iconic elements of the brand's visual identity, featuring a clear and legible sans-serif font for the wordmark and a more stylized crown above it. The logo's light blue color scheme conveys a sense of reliability, safety, and is reminiscent of the sky, flight, and freedom.

KLM logo


The latest TomTom logo features a combination of heavily stylized lowercase lettering in a modern sans-serif font and a red emblem, consisting of a thick red ring with a small triangle pointing down beneath it. The black, red, and white color scheme conveys a sense of power, professionalism, and excellence.

TomTom logo


The latest Booking.com logo is minimalist and balanced, featuring two shades of blue and a smooth modern sans-serif typeface called Booking Sans. The dark and light blue colors represent professionalism, reliability, and the company's commitment to providing the best possible reservation services.

Booking.com logo


The Randstad logo, featuring a mirrored lowercase "r" in a round and friendly design, embodies the company's human-centric approach and role as an intermediary between flexworkers and business clients. The logo emphasizes a welcoming and balanced image, highlighting Randstad's commitment to building meaningful connections in the employment industry.

Randstad logo


The latest Rabobank logo features a stylized orange sundial and a blue human figure, symbolizing the bank's commitment to long-lasting connections with its customers and its adaptability to their changing needs. The italicized typeface and the vibrant color palette of orange and blue convey a modern, stylish appearance while reflecting the bank's energetic and trustworthy nature.



The ING logo features an orange lion, which is the state symbol of the Netherlands, reflecting the company's Dutch roots. The logo utilizes the Times New Roman typeface and a contrasting blue-violet color, showcasing a modern and distinctive corporate identity.

ING logo


The current Shell logo, designed in 1971 by Raymond Loewy, features a sleek and timeless art-deco style shape with a rounded top and rectangular bottom, paired with a yellow scallop shell with a thick red outline. The logo's use of color and simplicity of design has helped it become one of the most iconic and recognizable logos in the world, representing the company's roots in the oil and gas industry.

Shell logo


The Unilever logo is a perfect example of a successful redesign that respects the history of the brand while modernizing it. The big blue “U” is not only the company’s initial but also comprises several icons, each with a unique connection to the business, making the logo an effective visual representation of the company's diverse portfolio of products and services.

Unilever logo

Ahold Delhaize

Ahold Delhaize unveiled its new brand identity in 2016, created by FutureBrand, which combines the crown emblem used historically by Ahold and the lion insignia formerly part of Delhaize's logo. The resulting modern visual identity builds on a rich collective history while moving towards a bold future, conveying the commitment to building great local brands and bringing fresh inspiration into the everyday to consumers, associates, and shareholders.

Ahold Delhaize logo


The current AkzoNobel logo was introduced in 2008. The logo features a sleek and modern sans-serif font in heavy title case lettering, set in a smooth and calm shade of blue. This color palette represents stability, reliability, safety, and expertise. The designers also introduced a gradient to the logo. The redesigned emblem conveys the idea that AkzoNobel's success is the result of forward-looking individual and collaborative achievement, and it represents the slogan "Tomorrow's Answers Today."

AkzoNobel logo

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One of the most important aspects of logo design is color. Color plays a significant role in how people perceive and remember your brand, and can even evoke certain emotions and associations. Choosing the right color palette for your logo is crucial for creating an effective and memorable design.



Typography is another crucial aspect of logo design. Choosing the right font can help convey the style and tone of your brand, while creating a memorable and unique design. When selecting fonts, consider the legibility and readability of each option, as well as the overall style and personality of your brand. Font pairing and hierarchy are also important factors to consider.


Graphic Elements

In addition to color and typography, graphic elements play an important role in logo design. These elements can include custom graphics, icons, and other visual elements that help convey the personality and values of your brand. When incorporating graphic elements into your logo design, consider how they can work together with your color and typography choices to create a cohesive and memorable design.

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